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Science & Math Lab

School is having ultra-modern labs equipped with latest technology which enables the student to get acquainted with all scientific  principles.

We at GPS,Pilani believe that students must learn through experimentation and inference. The educators cultivate this very hand on learning by providing for the students a highly sophisticated and well – equipped Science laboratory catering to all fields of Science i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Biology so that students get the complete experience of a holistic education.

Home science education is no longer about cooking and house keeping. It is all about science and art of modern house keeping. It is aimed at achieving and maintaining the welfare and hygienic condition of home and family life in an ever changing society.Home management requires skills and scientific knowledge which does not limit itself to activities within the home, but gives knowledge about food science, art of etiquette, balanced diet, health and hygiene and time management, all of which is of prime importance in this modern world.

In GPS,Pilani this branch of science educates people to live a healthy and happy life, free from all diseases. The purpose of this education is to teach students to acquire knowledge and apply it wisely so that they can use their talent and skills in new production and creative ways.

Maths Lab

Learning math’s has become a passion and fun for the students of GPS,Pilani with the help of our novel Math’s lab. Exploring Mathematical concepts with activities using a wide variety of mathematical models enables the children to observe, think , analyze and learn the different facts and creates a path for Research Studies at a very infantile age.