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Rules and Regulations

·         The student should come to school regularly in uniform.

·         Student should maintain a high standard of discipline.

·         Students should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed.

·         They are required to join the school on the notified day at the beginning of the term.

·         Immorality , insubordination, ragging, stealing, contempt of authority or breaking bounds are sufficient reasons for immediate expulsion of the student from the school.

·         The decision of the Principal shall be final and binding on the parents/guardian/student in case of any dispute.

·         Absence from the school over a period of ten days without acknowledged intimation can lead to the automatic expulsion of the student on disciplinary ground.

·         Care must be taken of all school property and no student should scratch, spoil or damage the furniture. Any damage done will be made good by the one who does it.

·         In the event of the child being withdrawn from the school for the reason what soever, the fee paid to the school shall not be refunded in any case.

·         One month’s notice is required for the withdrawal of the student.

·         Transfer certificate (T.C) on withdrawal is issued only after all the school dues are cleared by the parent/guardian.